Design Tools

Are  you confident with your design style? Or does the thought of designing your home seem overwhelming? At Granville, we believe that the process of creating a truly personalized home starts with unique design inspiration. To help you gain design ideas and motivation prior to meeting with the designers; we have gathered photos featured from our models to help you find your style.

Kitchen Gallery

Ready to create the kitchen of your dreams? Have a look though our gallery of kitchen designs to see how our design professionals do it.

Great Room Gallery

The great room is a traditional space where you and your family convene on a daily basis. Here are some ways to organize the area to create a fabulous and useful space.

Bedroom Gallery

The master bedroom is a space in your home to recharge and relax. When it comes to stylish, comfortable bedrooms, find design inspiration here. These designer photos will help you create the bedroom of your "dreams".

Bathroom Gallery

Your bathroom should be a calming and luxurious escape. Find inspiration by browsing our bath gallery and view bathrooms from all of our model centers.

Themed Room Gallery

When creating your home, depending on your personal use, spaces are used for children's rooms, play areas, offices, ext. Our designers have decorated a variety of different rooms with fun themes and designs, take a peek and get some ideas of your own.